Current Projects

Projects are a vital way for LISNS to secure funding to address specific legal issues or to reach specific sectors of the population.

Over the years we’ve undertaken a variety of legal information projects:

  • Projects on specific issues such as youth justice, elder law, the environment, domestic, divorce, child support, criminal;
  • Projects focused on specific target groups such as youth, seniors, newcomers to Canada, not-for-profits, charities, women, the Black community and persons with mental health issues;
  • We have also undertaken research projects to identify needs or barriers to accessing the justice system.

Learn more about our current projects, and some of our past projects, below.

This two year project built on our previous seniors’ project (“It’s in Your Hands”).  The project aimed at better understanding the types of issues and questions that health care providers see or are asked about in relation to seniors and abuse. We consulted with seniors and their families to gain insight into their experience of how health care providers deal with these issues.