It's In Your Hands: Legal Information for Seniors and their Families has legal information on the following topics:

Abuse of Older Adults, or
download pdf Abuse of Older Adults (1.01 MB) in pdf
Adult Capacity and Representative Decision-making,
or download pdf Adult Capacity and Decision-making (657 KB) in pdf
Dating and New Relationships
or download pdf Dating and New Relationships (811 KB) in pdf
Funeral Pre-Planning,
or download pdf Planning Your Funeral (984 KB) in pdf
Grandparents' Rights
or download pdf Grandparents Rights (1.15 MB) in pdf
Health Care Treatment and Consent
or download pdf Health Care Treatment and Consent (564 KB) in pdf
Powers of Attorney
or download pdf Powers of Attorney (794 KB) in pdf
Public Trustee
or download pdf Public Trustee (853 KB) in pdf
Scams, Identity Theft and Other Fraud
or download pdf Scams, Identity Theft and Other Fraud (721 KB) in pdf
or download pdf Wills (922 KB) in pdf

Download It's In Your Hands (entire book in pdf) here.

The information in It's In Your Hands is current to March 2019.  We try to keep information accurate and up-to-date.  However, laws do change.  You should check with a lawyer or call our Legal Information Line or send us an email for information about changes to laws mentioned.

It's In Your Hands was developed in partnership with Mount Saint Vincent University's Nova Scotia Centre on Aging.

We wish to thank the following for funding in support of It's In Your Hands:

  • Employment and Social Development Canada's New Horizons for Seniors Program
  • Nova Scotia Department of Seniors.

We gratefully acknowledge funding support for the 2019 edition (4th ed) of It's In Your Hands from the Nova Scotia Department of Seniors, Age-Friendly Communities Grant Program.