LISNS is pleased to provide this database of video training sessions for anyone who serves the public including lawyers. Our first training offerings are a video training session on best practices when working with trans and non-binary clients and a two-part video training session focused on restorative approaches to conflict resolution. More training sessions will be added as they are developed.

Each of these training sessions was prepared as part of our Workplace Sexual Harassment Project. We have developed these videos in order to help anyone who serves the public, including lawyers, address sexual harassment complaints and understand various issues that impact clients who are navigating workplace sexual harassment.


Though created for this project, these video training sessions have broad applicability beyond sexual harassment complaints. We welcome anyone to view and share them.

Please check back soon for a video training session on Cultural Competence: Best Practices when Working with African Nova Scotian Clients.

Best Practices for Lawyers when Working with Trans and Non-Binary Clients
In this video, presenter Shae Morse speaks about common barriers and issues that trans and non-binary people face when accessing legal help. Shae provides concrete tips for how you can make your legal practice a safer and more inclusive space for clients across the gender binary.

About the Instructor
Shae Morse is a non-binary junior high teacher who works in Dartmouth. Shae has been a community advocate for many years raising awareness about the concerns of transgender and non-binary people. As an out transgender and non-binary professional, Shae has extensive experience navigating challenging systems and advocating for inclusive access for all.

Restorative Approaches Videos
In these two videos, presenter Shila LeBlanc teaches about the history and significance of restorative approaches to conflict resolution. Shila provides concrete tips for how to incorporate restorative approaches into one's legal practice and regular interactions with clients.



About the Instructor
Shila LeBlanc is a queer woman and settler who is passionate about restorative approaches and justice. She has worked as a caseworker in restorative justice and as an investigator at the NS Human Rights Commission and specializes in conflict resolution. She is frequently involved in community projects and facilitates the KAIROS Blanket Exercise as recommended by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. You can reach her at [email protected].  

Restorative Approaches Resource List

Resources on Indigenous roots of restorative approaches:

International resources for restorative approaches:

Restorative approaches in NS:

Restorative justice in NS: