What do speeding, littering on a beach, parking on the street during a snow storm, hunting while disqualified, creating a disturbance while on a trail, and being intoxicated in a public place have in common? If you do any of them, you might get a summary offence ticket.

This information is for adults (18 or over) who have a ticket.  For information about youth tickets (under 18) visit www.nsjustice.com.  This page gives legal information only, not legal advice. 

What is a summary offence ticket?

A summary offence ticket is one issued by a peace officer under Nova Scotia laws, such as the Motor Vehicle Act or the Liquor Control Act, or under some federal laws, such as the Canada Wildlife Act or National Parks Act.  It is not a criminal charge.  Examples of a summary offence ticket include a ticket for:

  • speeding;
  • operating an off-highway vehicle without a permit;
  • parking on the street during a snow storm;
  • littering on a beach or in a provincial park; 
  • constructing a building without a permit; 
  • being intoxicated in a public place; or
  • having open liquor in your car.