If you have a legal problem, it is a good idea to talk to a lawyer to get legal advice.

A lawyer can:

  • explain the legal system and what to expect
  • interpret and explain the law that applies to your specific problem
  • tell you about ways to resolve your legal issue without going to court
  • advise you about the best options for you
  • check documents and other information you need
  • advocate for you in negotiations and in court
  • defend your rights and advise you about your legal responsibilities
  • give a legal opinion about what may happen in your case.

Ways to get legal advice:

  1. A lawyer in private practice (a lawyer you would pay). For more information, see Finding a Lawyer in Private Practice, and How Lawyers Charge for their Work.
  2. Nova Scotia Legal Aid
  3. Summary Legal Advice clinics (free, brief legal advice).  See our Free and Low Cost Legal Help list for more information.