When faced with conflict you have choices. Representing yourself does not mean doing it alone.  The following resources put together by lawyers and judges will help you help yourself.  Follow each of the above tabs to find out more.

Check out the Small Claims Court AppMore Resources for Representing Yourself are available here

Videos to help you with Small Claims Court 
These short videos help you with starting a claim and preparing a defence, knowing what evidence to gather and present, tips for being as prepared as possible, and what to do after you receive a judgement.  Using the Small Claims Court App, and watching these videos, you will be well prepared to navigate the small claims court process.

Self Advocacy 101 - Introduction

Self Advocacy 101 - Top Tips

Self Advocacy 101 - The Claim

Self Advocacy 101 - Evidence

Self Advocacy 101 - Secrets Revealed - Part 1

Self Advocacy 101 - Secrets Revealed - Part 2

Self Advocacy 101 - After Judgment

Go here to watch longer videos that further explain the Self-Advocacy Guide

A litigation lawyer provides helpful hints for people representing themselves at court through his  pdf Self Advocacy Guide - Edition 1 (1.07 MB)