The Small Claims Court App was developed by Kislay Trivedi. He was pleased to contribute his knowledge of website development to Legal Info Nova Scotia and was motivated by the belief that the small claims court app will help a lot of people.  Kislay is a graduate from Saint Mary's University in Computer Science and is proud to share his technical knowledge in support of access to justice.  LISNS is very appreciative of this significant contribution and applauds Kislay for his volunteerism!  Thank you Kislay!

 kislayMy name is Kislay Trivedi. I am a graduate from Saint Mary’s University and working at RBC as an operations analyst. I came to know about LISNS through my university career service where they have posted about this app I have developed and they were looking for some volunteers to help them to make this webapp. I have developed this webapp using wordpress. While working on the webapp I learned a lot of things but also made a great network of people and I am very happy to be a part of it.