The Province takes measures to provide effective protection of forests and woodland during times when they are most vulnerable to fires, referred to as the 'fire season.' 

Please be aware of the dangers of forest fires and the risk to people, wildlife and property during the fire season. You should not light a fire or cause a fire to be started in or within one thousand feet of forest or woodland during this time. You should be careful where and how you discard cigarette butts, as these can cause fires. When risk of forest fire is high the Province will issue a warning, it is an offence to light a fire in these areas if such a warning is in place.

In the counties of Queens, Shelburne, Yarmouth, Digby, Annapolis, Kings and Lunenburg the fire season lasts for the period between April 1 and October 15 each year, in the case of other counties of the Province, the period lasts between April 15 and October 15 each year. The fire season may be extended or shortened depending on weather conditions in each particular year.

The province may ban camping or access to high risk areas during the 'fire season.