Canada has strict federal gun control laws. 

When you enter the country, you must declare any firearms and ammunition at Customs. The Customs officer will tell you if you can bring the item into Canada. 

If you are a frequent visitor you can apply for a Canadian Firearms license which is valid for five years. If not, you must complete a Non-Resident Firearms Declaration form and pay a fee. This declaration will act as a temporary license and registration certificate while in Canada and is valid for 60 days. Unlicensed non-residents who plan to borrow a firearm in Canada must obtain a Temporary Borrowing license.

Prohibited weapons and firearms have no legitimate recreational use and cannot be imported into Canada. Before you try to import a weapon, please check carefully to make sure it is not prohibited. 

Canadian Definition of a Prohibited Firearm:

  • A handgun with a barrel length of 105 mm (4.14 inches) or less, or designed or adapted to discharge a 25 or 32 calibre cartridge (see exceptions below)*;
  • A rifle or shotgun that has been changed to make it less than 660 mm (26 inches) in overall length;
  • A rifle or shotgun that has been changed to make it 660 mm (26 inches) or more in overall length, with a barrel less than 457 mm (18 inches) in length;
  • An automatic firearm or a converted automatic firearm;
  • Any firearm prescribed under the Criminal Code regulations to be prohibited.

Other examples of prohibited weapons are knives that open automatically, pepper spray, throwing stars, spiked wristbands, blowguns, brass knuckles, and stun guns (tazers).

* Exceptions:

Visitors can import a restricted firearm only to attend an approved shooting competition. Examples of restricted firearms are target pistols and short-barrelled, centre-fire, semi-automatic rifles or shotguns. 
In addition to the Non-Resident Firearms Declaration form, you must have an Authorization to Transport (ATT) for all restricted firearms. The ATT is issued by the Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) of the province(s) through which you are traveling and where you are taking the firearm. The CFO will only issue ATTs for approved purposes, such as shooting competitions.

For more information you can contact the Canadian Firearms Centre at 1.800.731.4000 (Canada and US) or  506.624.5380 (other countries), or website: nt/non-residents/default_e.asp