The legal drinking age is 19 years old. Persons under 19 are not permitted to buy alcohol and you must not buy alcohol for them. Anyone buying alcohol may be asked to provide proof of age.

Presenting false proof of age to purchase alcohol is an offence, if you are convicted you will be fined. Click here to see current  fines.

You may buy alcohol from Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation retail stores throughout the province. There are also some independently licensed retail outlets. In addition, bars and restaurants may be licensed to sell alcohol for consumption on their premises. Some vineyards may also have a license to sell their wine. You can drink alcohol in a licensed premise, and in your home, hotel room, and, usually, your camp site (although some campsites ban alcohol at certain times). 

You are not allowed to drink alcohol in public open spaces such as parks and beaches. It is against the law to be drunk and disorderly in a public place and the police may arrest you. 

You may carry alcohol provided it is unopened in your vehicle, it is out of the reach of the driver, it is not being consumed in the vehicle, and is being transported from the place of purchase to the place of consumption (eg. liquor store to home, party, or hotel). Usually, it is best to carry it in the trunk of the vehicle and to retain the receipt.

There is a duty-free shop at the Halifax Airport which sells alcohol, tobacco and others product to people who are leaving Canada by air on an international flight. 

Children on licensed premises licensed to sell alcohol:

Children and young persons under 19 years of age are allowed in licensed restaurants. They are also allowed in up to 9 pm, so they can have a meal with their parents or other adult such as a legal guardian. 

Pubs which permit children must have a separate area for serving meals for this purpose.