Legal Information Topics

September 26 to October 2 is Right to Know Week, and September 28 is International Right to Know Day. Find out about your right to access government information under Nova Scotia laws, and learn more about Right to Know Week from Nova Scotia's Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner.

crash2If you have been involved in an accident and are seeking compensation for your injuries, you may think that pursuing your case involves expensive legal fees. Paying for a lawyer when you are injured can also make a stressful situation even more traumatic, therefore, it is important that you know your options before you take action.

politicsCharities seeking to influence Canadian society through political activities must be careful not to run afoul of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Activities as broad based as advocating for a higher minimum wage or more government funding for renewable energy may put you under scrutiny.1 This article gives general information about what is political and what is charitable activity, and about avoiding a political activity audit.