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Canada's federal government recently announced a proposed new law to change Canada’s federal family laws related to divorce, separation, and parenting, including the Divorce Act.

The Divorce Act applies to married couples who are divorcing. Nova Scotia's Parenting and Support Act applies to unmarried or common-law couples, and married couples who are separated but not divorcing. 

The proposed law focuses on changes dealing with the best interests of the child, family violence, child support enforcement, and improving various administrative processes.

On April 3 the Nova Scotia government introduced its new Cannabis Control Act, which establishes the province’s legislative framework for recreational cannabis legalization. The Cannabis Control Act establishes rules around the sale, distribution, purchase, possession, cultivation, propagation and harvesting of cannabis.

The Cannabis Control Act enacts new legislation and amends seven other pieces of legislation, including the Liquor Control Act, Smoke-free Places Act and Motor Vehicle Act.

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