Art Therapy

Art is such an impactful and meaningful path to healing.  We are pleased to offer both Art Therapy and the Eskasoni Mi’kmaq colouring book on the seven sacred teachings as healing supports. 

Art Therapy offers healing through a guided creative process. When words are not enough, this experience holds the potential to tap into the depths of our personal power. A unique energy is generated when individuals come together to create art in a safe space. Our ability to heal grows through shared expression, gaining insight and finding empowerment.

Free online group Art Therapy sessions are offered twice a month. You can find the dates and select your preferred session in the calendar below.  The sessions are designed to protect confidentiality and provide a safe space for participants. Prior to securing your spot, you will speak with Art Therapist Evie Dunville ( about the potential of the therapy, and discuss the courage it takes to share your story and healing journey with your fellow group members.

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Colouring Book for Healing

LISNS has collaborated with Eskasoni’s Break the Silence: Be the Change community youth project to provide their Mi’kmaq colouring book on the seven sacred teachings. The book is developed as a healing support to those who have experienced sexual violence. The colouring book is available to anyone seeking healing support.

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