In order to offer the Wills Navigator Program, it is necessary to recruit volunteers interested in working in this role.

Where to Recruit? Volunteers may be recruited from a variety of places including:

  1. Volunteer organizations, seniors groups, church groups, social groups, places that already have existing volunteers and who can recruit new volunteers for this program
  2. Organizations that provide public services such as libraries and justice centres and can arrange for training of staff
  3. A group of interested community members who wish to work together to offer this service

When to Recruit? Before recruiting volunteers it is important to identify:

  • a coordinator for the program (organize meetings of volunteers initially and support logistical requirements of program)
  • a place for holding an in-person meeting of volunteers where training can be reviewed
  • a scheduling system such as the use of the free doodle service to coordinate time availability of volunteers to meet
  • be clear on the expectations of volunteers (unpaid, time commitment of one half day per month)
  • consider meeting locations for the wills navigators to meet with clients (public libraries, coffee shop, justice centre)

How to Recruit? Tips for Successful Recruiting:

  • use a pdf poster (167 KB) to help your recruitment efforts
  • communicate the volunteer opportunity through volunteer organizations, church groups, social groups
  • use social media to promote the recruitment drive
  • contact local media (  pdf MediaTraining Kit for LISNS (507 KB) ) such as radio, community newsletters and television to help publicize the volunteer opportunity