LISNS has developed a free wills app to assist Nova Scotians with preparing a will. The WILLS APP provides a simple 12 screen process to assist with preparing to make a will along with sample templates and access to lawyers who commit to providing value based pricing for will review or preparation services.  Over 50% of Nova Scotians are without a will and there are can be serious consequences.  Most people do not understand the antiquated laws that apply if a person dies without a will and the often unforeseen consequences particularly for those in common law arrangements.

The wills app is a first of its kind in Canada and has been developed without additional cost to taxpayers through a partnership with Saint Mary’s University Co-Curricular Program and volunteer IT students. The initiative was recognized by Minister Whalen at the Public Legislature in the Fall 2016 as part of LISNS public navigator project launched in Bridgewater in 2016. The wills app has received significant media coverage which you can read about at here

LISNS successfully launched the wills app at wills preparation clinics held in Bridgewater in Spring 2017 supported by LISNS public navigators.  There is a significant demand for this service across the Province of Nova Scotia.  The Legal Information Society has been holding a number of wills information sessions in the Province since Fall 2017 to capacity crowds at the public libraries and many in attendance have indicated their interest in meeting with a wills navigator to review the wills app.