To assume the role of a Small Claims Court Navigator, it is important to become comfortable with the materials that you will be using to help navigate a person through the small claims court process.

Role of the Small Claims Court Navigator

Goal of a Small Claims Court Navigator is to help a self-represented individual:

  • understand their issue(s) and options
  • gain confidence with making a decision for conflict resolution
  • make less frequent use of formal court processes
  • have proper documentation where proceeding with court-based action

Training Tools - The training rools to be reviewed include:

(1) Legal Information versus Legal Advice – What’s the Difference?

(2)  pdf Options for resolving a Legal Issue (129 KB)

(3) Small Claims Court App - - This is the main navigation tool that a small claims court navigator will use when meeting with a self-represented individual.  The navigator will refer to the small claims court app and review it with a self-represented individual

(4) Understanding Small Claims Court

To help you understand the Small Claims Court process you will find orientation materials that provide an overview of the court system, how to start and defend a claim and how to be a good self-advocate.  Case examples are also provided to help you apply your knowledge with case decisions that explain the process.  Videos are also available to help the navigator and the person representing themself.  A video series is under production to take a person through the entire small claims court process.  Currently a sample on “telling your story effectively” is available and longer videos that are being edited are also available for viewing.  Finally, a Small Claims Court Quiz with answer key is provided to test your knowledge.