A. Helping Connect the Public with the Small Claims Court Navigators

Once trained volunteers are available to provide small claims court navigation services, it is necessary to coordinate how the volunteers will be connected with people requiring the service.  Options include:

  1. Have the Small Claims Court Administration Office automatically refer individuals starting or defending a claim at small claims court to a small claims navigator – a list of navigators can be maintained at the administration desk with contact information for those who are agreeable to being contacted by phone or e-mail.
  2. Offer a clinic for a morning or afternoon at the local justice centre or public library; schedule half hour appointments that must be booked in advance

B. Planning Details to support the Small Claims Court Navigators meeting with Clients

  • It is helpful to provide a picture overview of the set-up for Small Claims Court.
  • Explain security details if applicable.  For example, if attending at the Small Claims Court Office - you will arrive and go through the security and be required to show one piece of ID.  Please identify yourself as with the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia’s Small Claims Court Navigator Project. 
  • Identify a contact person. For example, your contact is ____ and you will be shown your workspace identified in the picture below.  There is a glass divider between you and clients and you will need to position the LISNS laptop so that you both can see the screen. 
  • Provide a nametag which identifies the individual as a Small Claims Court Navigator.
  • Have the pages of the Small Claims Court App in print form in a folder in case of internet challenges.

C. Instructions for Small Claims Court Navigators to Conduct Meetings

  • Review pdf Job Description (65 KB)  for Small Claims Court Navigators
  • Bring up on the computer screen the small claims court app smallclaims.legalinfo.org (if the client has a phone you may ask them to bring it up on their phone as well).
  • The forms which you will be using will be in a folder on the desk:
    • STEP A - There is the pdf intake form (56 KB)  and   pdf meeting form (135 KB)  to be completed at the beginning of your meeting; please ensure the client understands we are not collecting identifying personal information – any information will be used for general statistical purposes.
    • STEP B - Upon completion of navigation of the small claims court app the survey on the app should be completed.
    • STEP C- At the end of the meeting the client should be asked to complete the quick   pdf evaluation form (261 KB)   – please have the client complete this on their own and return to you – they do not need to sign this form.
    • HANDOUTS: Please provide the client with the LISNS Bookmark which has LISNS telephone helpline, livechat and e-mail which will link them to the lawyer referral service with the $20 half hour consultation.
    • If at any time you do not feel comfortable with the meeting situation you can end the meeting and provide the LISNS bookmark and suggest they contact LISNS.
    • If you do not consider you can assist the person for whatever reason, provide them with the LISNS bookmark and suggest they contact LISNS.