This is Road Safety Week across the country. The good news about road safety is that the overall number of fatalities and serious injuries from car crashes continues to decline in Canada. 

The bad news? Impaired driving, driver distraction, driver fatigue, speed and aggressive driving are still key factors contributing to car crashes. Young drivers and passengers, ages 16 to 24, are particularly at risk – they represent almost 25% of deaths in motor vehicle crashes, even though this age group is just 13% of the population.* Vulnerable road users, including motor cyclists, cyclists and pedetrians, are at a similarly high risk of dying.

Safe driving is an everyday issue, but this week is a chance to find out more about traffic laws aimed at improving road safety for people of all ages, from drivers and passengers, to pedestrians and cyclists. Here are just a few resources you might want to check out:

*Source of road safety data: Transport Canada's National Collision Database, 2010

May 2015