Are you struggling with criminal law, family law or social justice issues? Start with Nova Scotia Legal Aid.  Nova Scotia Legal Aid (NSLA) is "Here to Help" all Nova Scotians.

We all know what Criminal and Family Law is but what is Social Justice help?  ‘Social Justice’ is help with accessing benefits and community resources.  For example, Nova Scotia Legal Aid provides help on issues like Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan Disability, Income Assistance, Residential Tenancies, and Housing Grants and programs.

Some level of help is available to all Nova Scotians.

Nova Scotia Legal Aid provides legal information on its website ( in Legal Aid's 3 core areas: criminal, family and social justice.

One-on-one advice from a lawyer is also available for Nova Scotians:

  • in legal aid offices across Nova Scotia (see for locations nearest you);
  • in court houses (ask for Duty Counsel in provincial criminal courts; ask for Summary Advice Counsel in family courts);
  • in communities (see Preston Communities  Legal Outreach, Aboriginal Justice Outreach into many Mi’kmaw communities, Spryfield Legal Outreach).

You may also be eligible for a lawyer for your case. Nova Scotia Legal Aid encourages you to apply. Information about how to apply including online applications and walk in clinics in Yarmouth and Truro are on the website at

Nova Scotia Legal Aid lawyers and staff are recognized as experts; lawyers appear at all levels of court including the Supreme Court of Canada, collaborate with government and nongovernment agencies on specialized projects (for example, the new Family Law web site ) teach at the law school, serve on the  Nova Scotia Barristers' Society and the Canadian Bar Association and are called upon by organizations to provide input and education.

Nova Scotia Legal Aid’s value of “responsiveness” is reflected in receipt of the Canadian Bar Association 2015 “Excellence in Equity and Diversity” award. This is awarded only every three years for outstanding contribution to the advancement of diversity in the legal profession and general community.

Nova Scotia Legal Aid works closely with the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia, with the Access to Justice Coordinating Committee chaired by the Chief Justice for Nova Scotia and the Minister of Justice for Nova Scotia, and other organizations to put into effect a goal of more access to more justice for more Nova Scotians.

NSLA‘s annual report is available on its website under “publications”. The Legal Aid motto is “Here to Help”. Nova Scotia Legal Aid is funded primarily by the Province of Nova Scotia and is committed to values of excellence, responsiveness and accountability.

This article is submitted by NSLA, and is part of LISNS "In the community" series, highlighting legal help services across Nova Scotia.

The Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia (LISNS) would like to say a huge thank you to Nova Scotia Legal Aid for sponsoring LISNS and supporting our work! Thank you for helping LISNS provide easier access to legal information for all Nova Scotians.

March 2015