Current pro bono opportunities for lawyers

This information is for lawyers who wish to explore pro bono opportunities.

Wills in the Preston Communities

This project provides free wills to low income seniors in the Preston communities.   Over 500 seniors in the Preston communities have identified that they need a will.

Since April 2015, 6 clinics have been held serving 24 seniors in the Preston area.  Particular thanks to lawyers Kevin A. MacDonald, Kathleen Lumsden, and Paula Condran for volunteering their time on this important initiative.  Click here to learn more about this project.

LISNS seeks volunteer lawyers to prepare estate planning documents for qualifying individuals in the Preston area.  We also hope to build a roster of lawyers to offer free wills clinics in other areas of the province where the need exists.

Please contact  the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia's Executive Director, Heather de Berdt Romilly, at 902-454-2198 or heather@legalinfo.org for further information.

Public Navigator - Civil litigation Pilot Project

This is a pilot program to train non-legal community members ("Public Navigators") to provide legal information and support to self-represented individuals going through proceedings in the Small Claims Court and Supreme Court General Division in regional courts outside HRM. Click here to learn more about this project.

LISNS seeks volunteer civil litigation lawyers to:

  • provide legal information support to public navigators
  • review project materials for substantive accuracy
  • provide expert input.

Contact the Legal Information Society's Executive Director, Heather de Berdt Romilly, at heather@legalinfo.org  or 902-454-2198 for further information.

Lawyer Referral Service (all areas of law)

Members of the Legal Information Society's Lawyer Referral Service who select the "pro bono" option commit to offering free legal information and summary advice to individuals referred to them for up to 30 minutes, and may choose to provide further help, at their discretion. Click here to learn more.

LISNS pro bono Objectives and Principles

LISNS pro bono Objectives

    To help Nova Scotians find pro bono services for their legal problem
    To create various ways for Nova Scotians to gain access to legal pro bono services
    To partner with organizations already providing pro bono legal services throughout Nova Scotia
    To educate the Nova Scotia legal community about pro bono opportunities and their benefits
    To engage and provide opportunities for the legal community in Nova Scotia to participate in delivering pro bono services
    To raise general public awareness about pro bono legal services

LISNS pro bono Principles

1.  Providing pro bono legal services is part of the tradition of the Nova Scotia Bar, where the profession has demonstrated its ethical and moral responsibility to assist citizens in attaining access to justice

2.  Pro bono legal services are provided to people and non-profit organizations of limited means without expectation of a fee.

3.  Pro bono legal services should be designed and provided according to the changing social and legal needs of the people and non-profit organizations of limited means for whom they are intended

4.  Pro bono legal services should be provided according to the same standards of dedication, excellence, and professional ethics as paid services.

5.  Pro bono legal services should serve to complement and not replace government-funded programs advancing access to justice; such as Nova Scotia Legal Aid. A collaborative pro bono system should not be a substitute for a properly funded legal aid system.

Contact for more information

For more information about any of these pro bono volunteer opportunities, please contact:

Heather de Berdt Romilly, Executive Director
Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia
1663 Brunswick Street, Hydrostone Market
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3Z6
Telephone: 902-454-2198 ext. 104
Email: lisns@legalinfo.org

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