Are you a mediator?
Join the Legal Info Nova Scotia's Mediator Referral Service (MRS)!

How to join

Join now by completing the MRS Sign-up form

If you have any questions or problems completing the sign-up form please contact:

Mediator Referral Service
Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia
1663 Brunswick Street, Hydrostone Market
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3Z6
Phone: 902-454-2198
Email: [email protected]

Benefits of joining

The Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia has over 35 years of experience delivering free, plain language legal information and providing appropriate referrals to helping resources. 

We know that very often conflicts may be better resolved through alternative (appropriate) dispute resolution.  We are so excited to offer the public this option to easily get in touch with a mediator, and to explore whether mediation will work for them. 

We hope being a MRS member will help you to build your mediation practice and raise your professional profile, while at the same time offer you a rewarding way to give back to your community.

Is there a fee to join?

No. There is no fee to join the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia's Mediator Referral Service.

Your commitment

You agree to provide up to a 30 minute initial consultation to potential clients, for no more than $20 plus tax.  You may decline a referral if there is a conflict of interest, or if you feel the referral is inappropriate.  You agree to discuss any additional services with the client during the initial interview.

You are not obligated to accept any case referred to you, other than the initial interview.

You can remove your name from the MRS list at any time.

How it works

  • Folks call the MRS at 902-455-3135 (HRM) or 1-800-665-9779 (toll free in North America).  The MRS is part of a combined Legal Information Line, Lawyer & Mediator Referral Services
  • Callers speak with a Legal Information Counsellor. Counsellors provide free legal information, help the caller determine the nature of their problem and determine what referrals may be appropriate
  • If mediation is an option counsellors provide a mediator's name and telephone number
  • It is up to the caller to contact you to set up an appointment. Callers are advised to let you know that the Mediator Referral Service referred them
  • Callers are told they may consult with you for up to 30 minutes for $20 plus tax, after which a fee arrangement would have to be worked out directly with you, if all parties agree to go ahead 
  • The initial consultation may be in-person, over the telephone, or by email, at your discretion
  • The initial consultation is intended to give the potential client an opportunity to review his or her options and the approximate costs involved 
  • Referrals are made on a rotation basis, taking issue and geographic location into account

Contact LISNS' Mediator Referral Service (membership questions, changes)

Please contact:
Manager, Legal Information Services
Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia
1663 Brunswick Street, Hydrostone Market
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3Z6
Telephone: 902-454-2198 (LRS/MRS administration only, not for lawyer or mediator referrals)
Email: [email protected]

Thank you for supporting the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia through your Mediator Referral Service membership.