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Join the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia's Lawyer Referral Service (LRS)

How to join

Complete the LRS Sign-up Form.

Click here to complete and submit the LISNS' LRS Sign-up Form online and join right now!

Please use the same form to sign up for the LRS Wills & Estates list.

If you have questions about the form or LRS generally please contact:

Lawyer Referral Service
Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia
1663 Brunswick Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3Z6
Email: [email protected]

Benefits of joining

Just some of the many reasons Nova Scotians call LISNS' Lawyer Referral Service:

"The judge told me to call the LRS so they could put me in touch with a lawyer"

"I don't know what kind of lawyer I need - can you help?"

"A lawyer told me to call because they don't do that type of law"

"I got the LRS number from my Employee Assistance Plan"

LISNS' Lawyer Referral Service is:

  • an excellent way to build your practice
  • an invaluable legal information resource
  • a great way to raise your professional profile
  • a rewarding way to give back to your community
  • free to join.

The Legal Information Society's Lawyer Referral Service is widely recognized. It is listed in many government materials, including Court Services publications, both online and in print, and is linked to from the Nova Scotia Barristers' Society's website (Lawyer Directory/Member Search page). The LRS receives thousands of calls annually. The Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia has over 35 years of experience delivering free, plain language legal information and providing appropriate referrals to helping resources.

Is there a fee to join?

No. It is free to join.

Your commitment

LISNS' LRS membership

The Legal Information Society's LRS is flexible. You choose what works for you.

You provide up to a 30 minute initial consultation for no more than $20 plus tax. It is up to you whether you charge the $20 fee.

You may decline a referral if there is a conflict of interest, or if you feel the referral is not appropriate.

You are not obligated to accept any case referred to you, other than the initial interview.

When you fill out the LRS Sign-up Form, tell us if you'll consider:

    • remote services such as telephone, email or other online consultation
    • flexible fee arrangements, if you and the client agree to go ahead, and you feel it is appropriate. For example:
        • contingency fee agreement
        • limited scope retainer
        • fixed fees
        • fees paid by installments
        • lower fees than you generally charge.
    • offering pro bono services. Please click here for information about offering pro bono services.

Unless you specifically tell us you'll consider providing pro bono services (details here), you are not expected to do legal work during the initial consultation, just discuss options and costs involved.

You can remove your name from the LRS at any time.

Our commitment to you

  • We make referrals on a rotation basis, taking area of law, client need and geographic location into account
  • We are experienced in determining whether a person has a legal problem, and the type of legal problem
  • You can take your name off the Lawyer Referral list at any time
  • You can limit the nature or number of referrals
  • You have no obligation to take on a case.

How it works

  • Callers contact a Legal Information Counsellor to request a lawyer referral. Counsellors give legal information only, not legal advice or opinions
  • If a referral seems appropriate, the counsellor gives a lawyer's name and contact information
  • It is up to the caller to contact the lawyer to set up an appointment
  • Referrals are made on a rotation basis, taking legal issue, client need (such as language spoken, fee options offered) and geographic location into account.

What we tell potential clients to expect

We tell the potential client that

  • they must tell the law firm they got the lawyer’s contact information from the Legal Information Society's Lawyer Referral Service
  • the law firm will do a conflict check
  • if there is no conflict and the lawyer feels the referral is appropriate, the potential client can expect up to a 30 minute consultation for no more than $20 plus tax (or at no cost for pro bono - details here)
  • they should not expect legal work to be done during the initial consultation (Exception: pro bono - details here)
  • if indicated on the lawyer's LRS Sign-up form, the lawyer may consider flexible fee options. Otherwise, we tell the potential client to expect that regular fees will be charged after the initial consultation, if the lawyer and client agree to go ahead
  • the consultation may be in-person, over the telephone, or by email/online, at the lawyer’s discretion
  • they have no obligation to hire the lawyer after the intial consultation.

LRS member requirements

You must be a practising member in good standing with the Nova Scotia Barristers' Society.

We also have a Mediator Referral Service

Did you know that the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia also has a Mediator Referral Service? Click here for more information.

Contact LISNS' Lawyer Referral Service (membership questions, changes

If you need to change your membership information, or wish to remove your name from the LRS list (temporarily or permanently) you can use the
online LRS Change Membership Info Form, or please contact us if you have questions about LRS membership: 

Manager, Legal Information Services
Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia
1663 Brunswick Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3Z6
Telephone: 902-454-2198 (LRS administration only, not for lawyer referrals)
Email: [email protected]

Thank you for supporting the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia through your LRS membership.