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Please fill in all relevant information on each tab including the Publishing Period in the Important Notes tab, then scroll to below the tabbed area to submit the data.

Please drop the map marker on your location.

The following few questions are required for being part of the LRS Wills & Estates referral list.

The following questions are optional. The information is collected to help LISNS staff and law student volunteers make appropriate lawyer referrals, and to improve LISNS services. The more information you provide, the better the lawyer-client match! We appreciate your responses.

For more information see Pro Bono for Lawyers

Automatic republish

Tick the box above if you would like your LISNS' Lawyer Referral Service membership to automatically renew each year. Your membership will continue based on the information you submit on this form, and you will not have to complete the Lawyer Referral Sign-up form again.

Don't tick the box if you do not want your membership to renew automatically. We will send you a yearly renewal reminder and ask you to complete the Lawyer Referral Service Sign-up form again in order to renew for another year.

You can contact LISNS at 902-454-2198 or [email protected] at any time if you have questions, wish to change or cancel your LRS membership, or do not wish to receive LRS related emails from LISNS.

Please note:

By submitting this form:

  • you agree to have your name on LISNS' Lawyer Referral Service list, including the Wills & Estates list (if you have indicated that)
  • unless there is a conflict of interest or the referral is otherwise improper, you agree to interview any person referred to you by the Lawyer Referral Service for up to 30 minutes at a charge of no more than $20 (plus taxes), to be retained by you
  • you agree to discuss the cost of any additional services with the client during the initial 30 minute interview
  • you acknowledge and understand that you are under no obligation to accept any case referred to you, other than the initial interview
  • you acknowledge and understand that applicants are given the name of a lawyer on a rotation basis and that any applicant given your name is not obligated to contact you
  • you confirm that you are a member in good standing with the Nova Scotia Barristers' Society
  • you consent to allow LISNS to send you occasional emails of interest to Lawyer Referral Service members (membership renewal, notice of LISNS events), and
  • you agree to advise LISNS of any change of name, address, or practice status.

Contact LISNS at 902-454-2198 or [email protected] if you have questions, wish to change or cancel your LRS membership, or do not wish to receive LRS related emails from LISNS.

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