At Legal Info Nova Scotia, we believe Nova Scotians have a right and a responsibility to learn about the laws that affect them. To do that, they must have access to information that makes laws understandable. Below is a brief description of the services we offer to help ensure Nova Scotians have access to legal information and resources.

Legal Information
Easy to access and peruse at your discretion, we provide online legal information on a variety of topics, and information about other legal information resources in Nova Scotia. Generally presented in easy to understand FAQs, we are continually updating our library of online legal information. Topics covered include Family Law, Consumer Law, Criminal Law,  Employment Law, Seniors law, Wills & Estates and Youth Justice.

Lawyer Referral
Need a lawyer? Don't know which lawyer to choose? Call our Lawyer Referral Service at 1-800-665-9779 (toll free) or 902-455-3135. Since 1992, we have referred thousands of Nova Scotians to a lawyer in private practice. Members of the Lawyer Referral Service offer an initial consultation of up to 30 minutes for no more than $20 plus tax. During that time, the lawyer reviews your legal problem and discusses your options and the costs involved.

Mediator Referral
Need a mediator? Not sure whether mediation is right for you? Call our Mediator Referral Service at 1-800-665-9779 (toll free) or 902-455-3135.  Mediators on our Mediator Referral Service are certified members of ADR Atlantic Institute.  Mediator Referral Service members offer an initial discussion of up to 30 minutes for no more than $20 plus tax so you can explore whether mediation will work for you.

Legal Info Line
If you have a question about the law, call our free Legal Information Line at 902-455-3135 (Halifax Regional Municipality) or 1-800-665-9779 (toll free in NS). We will try to answer your question and tell you where to get help with legal problems. There is no charge for this service. We cannot give you legal advice, but if you want to talk with a lawyer we may refer you to one through our Lawyer Referral Service or suggest other options for getting legal advice.

Volunteer Speaker List
Clubs, religious or spiritual groups, teachers, community groups and special interest groups can get connected with a speaker willing to volunteer their time to speak on a specific area of law. Our Volunteer Speaker List includes lawyers, judges and other professionals. To obtain the name of a volunteer speaker in your area, call us at 902-454-2198 or fill out our Volunteer Speaker request form.

Current Projects
As part of our ongoing mission to provide Nova Scotians with access to legal information, we take on various projects that generally involve current changes to the law and/or are likely to affect larger numbers of individuals. Through workshops, training sessions, and other services, we try to help target these updates and issues with concentrated efforts.

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