Once you have a wills navigator program in place and a meeting schedule or clinic planned, it is important to ensure details about where, when, how are planned and communicated to the wills navigators.

A. Lessons Learned

  • For wills sessions held at the Bridgewater public library, it was first necessary to coordinate a date and time that coincided with the navigators’ schedules.  There is a need for someone to assume this scheduling responsibility.  
  • We found it helpful to request people wishing to attend the session pre-book with the place hosting the session to ensure appropriate space and navigator support.
  • Wills Navigators initially found it most comfortable to work in teams – clients enjoyed the dynamics.

B. To assist with organizing wills navigator services the following are provided by the Host Organization:

  1. Computer with access to LISNS Wills App - have the pages of the Wills App in print form in a folder in case of internet challenges.
  2. Chairs and Table for sitting and viewing screen together
  3. Provide a nametag which identifies the individual as a Wills Navigator.

C. Instructions for Wills Navigators to Conduct Meetings

  • Review  pdf Job Description (64 KB)  for Wills Navigators
  • Bring up on the computer screen the LISNS wills app
  • The forms which you will be using will be in a folder on the desk:
    • STEP A - Upon completion of navigation of the wills app the survey on the app should be completed.
    • STEP B- At the end of the meeting the client should be asked to complete the quick   pdf evaluation form (261 KB)   – please have the client complete this on their own and return to you – they do not need to sign this form.
    • HANDOUTS: Please provide the client with the LISNS Bookmark which has LISNS telephone helpline, livechat and e-mail which will link them to the lawyer referral service for lawyers supporting this initiative.
    • If at any time you do not feel comfortable with the meeting situation you can end the meeting and provide the LISNS bookmark and suggest they contact LISNS.
    • If you do not consider you can assist the person for whatever reason, provide them with the LISNS bookmark and suggest they contact LISNS.