Once small claims court navigators have been recruited and trained it is important to ensure they can reach the people who need their help.  It is very important that communication with the public occur to inform about the service, and how to access a small claims court navigator, when the service is available and where the service is offered.

Advertise Free Legal Information Clinics with Small Claims Court Navigators

Consider using posters at public places such as the courthouse, libraries, community halls, church leaflets and information for front line staff at the justice centre, libraries, and volunteer organizations to distribute can be helpful.  See our pdf Poster (168 KB) for advertising a free legal information clinic which may be a helpful template.

Advertise Free Small Claims Court Navigator Help available at the Court House

If small claims court navigators are attending on-site at the local justice centre to provide the service the sample poster may be useful to post at the justice centre.  See our pdf Poster (66 KB) for advertising the small claims court navigator service in the court house.

Advertise the Small Claims Court Navigator Service

To promote the Small Claims Court app and availability of the Small Claims Court Navigator Service, the pdf sample poster (67 KB) may be useful to adapt and post in public spaces.

Partner with the Media to Get Your Message Out

It is also useful to contact local media, radio, tv and print and get the message out.  See our pdf MediaTraining Kit (507 KB) for helpful tips on getting your message out about the small claims court navigator service.