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Online Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Training

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Free Legal Advice for Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Complainants

Have you experienced sexual harassment in your workplace?

Sexual harassment at work is a harmful experience, but it is unfortunately quite common. In Canada, workplace sexual harassment is against the law. Workplace sexual harassment takes away your human right to enjoy a safe workplace that is free from harassment and discrimination. 

In Nova Scotia, more than one-third of women have faced unwanted sexual behaviour at work, which is about twice as common as for men. Women who are racialized, or are new to Canada, or who have a disability are even more likely to face sexual harassment at work. Though statistics have not been collected, we also know that rates of workplace sexual harassment for trans and non-binary people are high. The most frequently reported unwanted behaviour is inappropriate sexual jokes, though there are many different behaviours that can be considered sexual harassment under the law.

The Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia is a non-profit charity that gives you free information about the law and your rights and responsibilities. The Government of Canada, through the Department of Justice, graciously funds the pdf Workplace Sexual Harassment Legal Advice Program (204 KB) .


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