Ending a relationship is never easy. Your emotional, physical, and mental state can be turned upside down. It's not as simple as just saying goodbye and going your separate ways.

You'll need legal information and advice about your legal rights and responsibilities, including:

  • parenting arrangements if you have children
  • making sure you and your children are safe if family violence is a concern
  • child support
  • spousal support
  • dividing your property and dealing with family debts.

In addition to getting legal advice, you may need counselling on how to help yourself and your children deal with the break-up. You may need help with safety planning.  You may need help from a credit counsellor and/or financial planner. 

It can be overwhelming, but try to take it step-by-step, and get help from experts when you can.

Last reviewed: June 2021
Reviewed for legal accuracy by: Lawyer Shelley Hounsell-Gray, QC

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