Canada's Department of Justice has two publications to help parents who are dealing with a separation or divorce. 'Making Plans: A guide to parenting arrangements after separation or divorce', covers a range of topics, from parents' emotions in dealing with separation, to what the kids may be experiencing when their parents split, protecting the kids from conflict, and options for putting together the type of parenting plan that may be best in your situation.

The second publication is a 'Parenting Plan Tool' that, together with 'Making Plans', gives practical guidance, including sample clauses and wording, on specific parenting plan issues such as how and who makes decisions about the kids, scheduling parenting time, vacations, childcare, and relocations.

Both publications are available in English and French, online at:

You will find a list of other parenting resources under "Ways to Help My Kids" at

Also check out Families Change, a great web resource for kids, teens and parents dealing with a family break up.