Episodes 1 and 2: Family Law Basics
LISNS Legal Information Counsellor Nicholas LeBlanc talks about family law basics, including parenting language and where to start to get family law help

Episodes 3 and 4: Understanding recent changes to Canada's Divorce Act
Lawyer Shelley Hounsell-Gray, Q.C. talks about changes to Canada's Divorce Act that became law on March 1, 2021. 

In Episode 3 (Part 1) Shelley covers who the Divorce Act applies to, new parenting language, best interest factors, the impact of family violence, and new duties for parents, legal advisers and courts.

In Episode 4 (Part 2) Shelley covers alternative dispute resolution, including settlement conferences with a judge, moves that significantly affect the child's relationship with the other parent (relocations), and highlights of key practical changes to the law.

Meghan Luft and Kiara Gibbons, Dalhousie's Schulich School of Law students, 2021

Podcast guests:
Nicholas LeBlanc, Legal Information Counsellor, Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia
Shelley Hounsell-Gray, Q.C., Lawyer

Thank you to Justice Canada, Canadian Family Justice Fund for funding support for our family law podcasts.

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