Child protection matters are very serious.  It is essential that you get legal advice.  Contact Nova Scotia Legal Aid or a lawyer in private practice to get help.

If your children have been taken into protective custody, this is a difficult time for you and your family. This video and the information booklet can answer many of your questions. With the help of a lawyer, and the right attitude, you can work towards getting your children back, or to keeping them in your home if being supervised by the agency. Watch all seven chapters in order. Later, you can watch the chapter that’s about the next step you’re about to take in the court process.

For the video in English – Click Here.

For the video in the Mi’kmaq language – Click Here.

See the Child Protection Information Booklet: What you need to know when Child Protection takes your children into care

This video and the booklet will answer some of your questions:

  • What has happened?
  • Where are your children?
  • When can you see them?
  • What can you do to make sure your family stays together?
  • This video is for adults.
  • Do not watch it with your children.
  • Watch it with your lawyer, a social worker, or a support person.
  • Ask questions and get help as you go through the child protection process.

Go to for more information about Child Protection.

The video was produced with the collaboration of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court Family Division, Executive Office of the Nova Scotia Judiciary, Nova Scotia Legal Aid, Nova Scotia Department of Community Services, Nova Scotia Department of Justice, with funding from The Law Foundation of Ontario. While financially supported by The Law Foundation of Ontario, the views expressed in this video production do not necessarily reflect the views of The Foundation.