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Department of Community Services

- http://novascotia.ca/coms/index.html


Domestic Violence Fact Sheet Series. Nova Scotia Domestic Violence Resource Centre, 2012 

- http://www.nsdomesticviolence.ca/Domestic-Violence-Fact-Sheet-Series/


Family Law Nova Scotia 

- http://nsfamilylaw.ca 


Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia

- http://www.legalinfo.org


Neighbours, Friends & Families

- http://www.nsdomesticviolence.ca/nff


Nova Scotia 211

- http://www.ns.211.ca


Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women

- http://women.gov.ns.ca


Nova Scotia Domestic Violence Action Plan

- http://premier.gov.ns.ca/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2010/12/Domestic-Violence-Action-Plan.pdf


Nova Scotia Domestic Violence Resource Centre

- http://nsdomesticviolence.ca


The facts about violence against women. Canadian Women’s Foundation, 2011

- http://www.canadianwomen.org/facts-about-violence


Transition House Association of Nova Scotia (THANS)

- http://www.thans.ca


Emergency 911




 “I left when my son was just over a year old and my ex has taken me back to

family court at least twice a year ever since. My son is 12 now.”






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