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Dial-A-Law Topics

The following Dial-A-Law topics can be accessed 24 hours a day at 902.420.1888:
Some topics are under review and may not be available.

Credit, Debt, Personal Injury, Slander & Commercial Law


Credit, Debt, Personal Injury, Slander & Commercial Law #2
Student Loans and Bankruptcy 201
Bankruptcy 202
Co-signing or Guaranteeing a Loan 203
Collection Agencies 204
Credit reports 205
Payday loans -
Foreclosure -
Automobile Insurance 206
Personal injury 207
Damage to your Car 208
Lost income

Slip and fall
Medical malpractice
Libel & Slander 212
Consultation en matière de credit, propositions du consommateur et faillite personelle
Assurance automobile 705
Dommages d'indemnisation pour dommages corporels  706
Perte de revenu resultant d'un accident d'automobile  707
Les chutes par glissade 708
Fautes medicales et plaintes concernant les soins medicaux  709

Criminal Law

Criminal Law #4
Drinking & Driving (Impaired driving) 401
Preparing for your first criminal court appearance - (sponsored by Nova Scotia Legal Aid) 402
Defending Yourself on a Criminal Charge 403
Pleading Guilty to a Criminal Charge 404
Rights before Arrest 405
Rights After Arrest 406
Sentencing 407
Criminal law and immigration (online audio only) n/a
Criminal records and pardons (record suspensions) 408
Victims of Crime 409
Restorative Justice 410
Police Complaints (Complaints against RCMP)  
L'importance de bien vous préparer
avant votre première comparution en cour criminelle (Nova Scotia Legal Aid)


Employment #5
Protection Against Discrimination 501
Minimum Employment Standards
Minimum Employment Standards (Holidays/vacations/leaves) 503
Termination of Employment (Losing Your Job) 504


Housing: Landlord/Tenant & Real estate #6
Basic Tenant Rights & Responsibilities 601
Landlord & Tenant law changes (Nov 2012) 602
Standard lease terms 603
Builders liens 608
Foreclosure 609

Wills & Estates

Francais #7
Procédures relatives à la protection de l’enfance
(Nova Scotia Legal Aid)
Séparation et accords de séparation 702
Divorce 703
Faillite personelle 704
Assurance automobile 705
Dommages corporels 706
Pertes de revenu 707
Chutes par glissade 708
Fautes medicales 709
Loi sur le système de justice pénale pour les adolescents 710

Comment la Loi sur le système de justice pénale pour les adolescents diffère-t-elle de la Loi sur les jeunes contrevenants?
Le rôle de la victime en vertu de la Loi sur le système de justice pénale pour les adolescents 712
Première comparution en cour criminelle 713


Miscellaneous #9


Human Rights #1
Protection Against Discrimination 902
Access to Government Records 903
Charter of Rights & Freedoms 904
Small Claims Court #2
Small Claims Court - General Information 911
Cases the Small Claims Court
Can't Deal With
Preparing For & Going to Small Claims Court 913
Enforcing or Appealing the Small Claims Court Order 914
Lawyers, Legal Aid, NS Court of Appeal #4
Mediation 948
Legal Aid - Nova Scotia Legal Aid 949
How to Find A Lawyer 951
Complaints About a Lawyer 953
Complaints about a Lawyer's Bill 954
Contingency Fee Agreements 955
Changing Lawyers 956


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