Family law help

Family law help may be available from the following sources:






  • A family law lawyer. For a referral, ask a family member or friend, call the LISNS lawyer referral service at 902.455.3135 or 1.800.665.9779, or check the Yellow Pages under Lawyers. If you cannot afford a lawyer, see below for information about contacting Nova Scotia Legal Aid.

  • If you need legal advice, click the Access Legal Help NS LOGO below to see whether you would qualify for a free 1/2 hour appointment with a lawyer


  • A collaborative family law lawyer.  Find out more about collaborative family law at: www.collaborativefamilylawyers.ca

  • Summary Advice Lawyer.  Nova Scotia Legal Aid Summary Advice Lawyers provide brief, basic legal advice free of charge.  You do not have to qualify for Legal Aid to use their services.  To make an appointment with the Summary Advice Lawyer near you, contact:

    • Amherst - 902-667-2256
    • Antigonish - 902-863-7312
    • Halifax Regional Municipality  - 902.424.5616
    • Pictou - 902-485-7350
    • Port Hawkesbury - 902-625-2665
    • Sydney/Ingonish - 902-563-2220
    • Truro - 902-893-5840

  • A conciliator with the Supreme Court (Family Division). Halifax Regional Municipality: 902.424.3990; Port Hawkesbury: 902.625.2665; Sydney: 902.563.2220.

  • Family Law Information Centre (FLIC) at the Supreme Court (Family Division) in Sydney or Halifax. In Sydney, call 902.563.5761. In Halifax, call 902.424.5232.  The FLICs offer free family law information, and do-it-yourself divorce workshops - contact them to find out when the next one is happening.

  • Nova Scotia Legal Aid (for qualified applicants). Dartmouth: 902.420.8818; Halifax: 902.420.3450; Sydney 902.563.2295, or listed in the white pages of the telephone book under 'Nova Scotia Legal Aid' or 'Legal Aid' and in the blue pages of the telephone book under 'Legal Aid', or visit www.nslegalaid.ca/

  • Dalhousie Legal Aid Service (for qualified applicants). The Dalhousie Legal Aid Service is a clinic of lawyers and law students. The clinic accepts some family law referrals from Nova Scotia Legal Aid. Call 902.423.8105.

  • The Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia (LISNS). LISNS runs a free legal information line .  They also have a lawyer referral service. LISNS also offers several family law publications and a 24-hour Dial-a-Law service (with some family law topics). For the Dial-a-Law service, call 902.420.1888.

  • L'Association des juristes d'expression française de la Nouvelle-Écosse can provide assistance to francophone Nova Scotians. Phone 902.433.2085 or email juristes@ajefne.ns.ca for more information.

  • A mediator. Contact the Supreme Court (Family Division) in your area and ask for a referral to the mediation program. Each spouse pays a fee based on his or her income. You can also visit the Family Mediation Canada or Family Mediation Nova Scotia for a list of trained mediators.

  • A social worker. If you have a case worker, he or she may be able to help you with the documents.

  • A women's centre. In Halifax: Adsum House 902.423.5049 or Bryony House 902.429.9002. In Port Hawkesbury: Leeside Transition House 902.625.1990. In Sydney: Cape Breton Transition House 902. 562.4190 or 902.562.3045.

  • The federal Department of Justice. The federal Department of Justice offers free information and kits to help spouses understand child support and calculate the correct amount of support. Visit the Department online at www.justice.gc.ca or call their child support information line at 1.888.373.2222.

  • The provincial Department of Justice. The provincial Department of Justice offers resources and information on representing yourself in court. Visit www.gov.ns.ca.

  • The Nova Scotia Courts website:  www.courts.ns.ca

Note: Most of these individuals and organizations can provide general information about the law. Only a lawyer can give legal advice.

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