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Nova Scotia's minimum wage just increased! Effective April 1, 2015 minimum wage is $10.60 an hour for experienced workers, and $10.10 an hour for inexperienced employees.  The minimum wage applies to a work week of 48 hours or less.…


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This is Road Safety Week across the country. The good news about road safety is that the overall number of fatalities and serious injuries from car crashes continues to decline in Canada.…


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heather3 The need for legal information in Canada and Nova Scotia is significant.  We experience it daily at LISNS through our Legal Information Line and requests for advice through the roster of volunteer lawyers.   Statistics indicate that 12 million Canadians will experience a legal issue in a three y…


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LISNS values all of the wonderful volunteers who do such incredible work for us. Without our volunteers, we wouldn't be able to do what we do!  Samantha Ratnam has been a long-time volunteer with LISNS.…



The Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia (or LISNS) is a charitable, not-for-profit organization. We have been providing Nova Scotians with easy to understand information and resources about the law for over 30 years.

LISNS' staff and volunteers believe easy access to information about the law is fundamental to a fair justice system. Quite simply, it's why and what we do!

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If you need legal information - see "I have a legal question" for general information, or call the Legal Information Line for more specific info.

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seagull questionThis is where you can find answers to hundreds of questions about laws in Nova Scotia. We have them broken down into categories of law.

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I turned to LISNS when my partner and I decided to move in together. He had three children, and I wanted to understand my rights and obligations as a step-parent. There was lots of information out there about divorce, custody, and access, but I could find nothing about my role as a new parental figure in the life of these children. I had personal, private – and important – questions, and nowhere to turn. I called the LISNS help line and got the answers I needed. Answers that enabled me to understand my situation and make better decisions as a result. Amelia, LISNS caller

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